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We often get questions concerning pawn loans, scroll through our FAQs to see if you can find the answer there, if not call us (713)477-3789.

I’ve lost my pawn ticket, what do I do?
Unless you notify the Presto Pawn in writing that you’ve lost your ticket, anyone properly identifying him/herself and presenting the correct pawn ticket may redeem your item. Written lost ticket notification will require the original pledgor to redeem the pledged item in person. This notification may be by mail, and we have a form available to our customers for this.

Have you passed your loan’s due date?
You may redeem your item with associated interest up to 30 days after the due date. Sometimes, pawnbrokers may agree to “hold” an item longer for you, but agreements should be obtained in writing. Otherwise, after the last day of grace your item becomes the property of the pawnbroker at the pawnbroker’s option. Your item may then be sold at whatever price the pawnbroker sets.

Renewal: Renewing a pawn loan creates a whole new loan contract, usually by only paying off the existing pawn loan. A renewal must be done in perso.

Extension, Memorandum of: A pledgor and pawnbroker may agree to extend the date a pawn loan is due. The pawnbroker will compute the charge based on the number of days the loan is extended. A written record must be made of the extension. This may be arranged by mail.

Closed Pawnshop: If the pawnshop is closed on the last day of grace, the time is extended to the close of business on the next business day the pawnshop is open during its regular hours.

Are my pawned items safe?
Many precautions are taken to prevent loss or theft of pledged goods. Unfortunately, this may still occasionally happen. If the pawnbroker loses your pawned goods, an EXACT replacement is not necessarily required to be provided to you. Furthermore, in such cases, a pawnbroker is liable for loss or damage to pledged goodsonly as described on the pawn ticket. The pawnbroker is required to repair or replace the lost or damaged item with like kind and quality.

Description: This should be detailed and accurate (serial numbers, make/model, size, color, etc.). Vague or missing descriptions may cause problems if the item is lost or damaged. Common examples of detailed information include accessories such as a remote control with a TV or a list of titles of individual CDs.

Priceless Items: Sentimental value cannot be replaced; if an item is truly irreplaceable, consideration of its loss should be made before pawning it.

Burglary victim? Pawnbrokers will assist you.
Inquiries should be made by giving the pawnbroker – within 30 days – a copy of a law enforcement agency offense report which adequately describes the stolen property. If there is evidence stolen property is or was in the pawnshop, the pawnbroker will notify the law enforcement agency that originated the report within roughly 2-3 days.